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"All typewriters sold with a 90 days parts and labor warranty"

Writer's Meetup

"As part of the season-wide celebration of reading & literacy in Grand Park"

Rees Electronics Star Typewriter supplied 15 manual typewriters for the Ray Bradbury – Grand Park event on March 12, 2016 sponsored by GrandParkLA.org

L.A.’s literary places and spaces come to life with a season of free activities, including DIY typewriter installation channeling Ray Bradbury’s genius, a weekly afternoon meetup for writers of all levels, and everyone’s favorite celebration of indie authors and publishers. 


What We Do

Sales & Repair Office Typewriters
We repair all kind of office typewriters on-site. Our technician will come to you on the same day or next day.

Restore Vintage Typewriters
Our experienced technicians will restore your vintage and old typewriters and bring them to life in a great working condition.

Sell Typewriters & Supplies
We carry a great collection of professionally restored typewriters along with all kind of supplies and parts.

Typewriters At Discount

We offer the most comprehensive assortment of Brand New and Factory Reconditioned typewriters. Choose from personal, home office or heavy-duty office model typewriters.

Multiple carriage widths are available as well as choices of typewriters with displays, memory storage, form typing, spell-checks and different print speeds. Genuine OEM supplies, and the original Manufacturers Warranty are included with each typewriter purchase. 

For assistance, please call 310.475.0859

We Have Most Typewriter Ribbons in Stock:

  • Typewriter Nylon
  • Spool
  • Olivetti
  • Olympia
  • SCM
  • Royal
  • Underwood


  • Adler-Royal Typewriters
  • Lexmark Typewriters
  • Smith Corona Typewriters
  • Brother Typewriters
  • Nakajima Typewriters
  • LCD-Display Typewriters
  • IBM Typewriters
  • Olympia Typewriters
  • Manual Typewriters
  • Spanish & Multilingual
  • Supplies & Accessories

TW Ribbons

Black with White out on ONE ribbon  $12.95 ea.

Black Nylon  $8.95 ea.

Black & Red ribbon  $8.95 ea. 

Color Ribbons: Green, Blue and Brown  $9.95 ea.

TW News

State of the Union, Typewriter Revolution
Ralph Nader gives us an analysis of President Obama’s last State of the Union address and then geeks out over typewriters with professor Richard Polt.

Free Exhibit Features Vintage Typewriters
Collection of famous vintage typewriters is on display in a free exhibit at The Paley Center.

Downtown Joshua Tree TypeInn & Gallery
Experience an unplugged retreat, for writing, reading, and listening at Downtown Joshua Tree Type Inn & Gallery.

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