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Rees Electronics is dedicated to providing you with personal, professional, and honest service. We strive to maintain long-term relationships with our clients, providing expert support and information to maximize their use of typewriters, dictation technologies, printer and fax machines.

Rees Electronics has a long history dating back over 46 years. Our multi-talented technicians have over 30 years of experience in office and vintage typewriters, as well as both dictation and transcription systems. Our Philips, Olympus and Panasonic factory trained and certified technicians work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction.

How to choose a typewriter - tips and tricks

Since the introduction of the personal computer, the typewriter has increasingly been relegated to the back corner of the office. Yet typewriters are still the most efficient tool for many tasks, particularly when using odd-sized pages or preprinted forms. As a result, businesses usually find they need to keep at least one good typewriter on hand for the occasional form or label ...

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Even by Brooklyn standards, it was a curious spectacle: a dozen mechanical contraptions sat on a white tablecloth, emitting occasional clacks and dings. Shoppers peered at the display, excited but hesitant, if they'd stumbled upon a trove of strange inventions from a Jules Verne fantasy. Some snapped pictures with their iPhones ...

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Angelina Jolie gave a TYPEWRITER to Brad Pitt as a Wedding Present!

Angelina Jolie put down thousands of dollars on the Ernest Hemingway's last typewriter ... a $250,000 wedding gift for Brad Pitt.

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